Zumirez Residence

Malibu, California

The 6,500 square foot residence is located on a sloping site in Malibu, California with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica mountains. The residence is located on the downhill side. The majority of the site has a steep 3 to 1 slope. The main residence is sited as close to the edge of the existing flat pad as possible to maximize views of the ocean and to allow for a circular drive court at the street level. A driveway curves around the outside edge cutting into the hillside and connecting to the subterranean three-car garage below. Visitors cross a bridge from the drive court to arrive at the main entry. The entrance is articulated by an onyx, glass, and steel curtain wall, an inverted conical stair tower, and a cylindrical two story structure that encloses the family room. The living room, dining room, and kitchen on the main level are part of a glass and steel pavilion covered by a zigzagging copper roof. The lower level includes the family room and bedrooms that open on to a large terrace and infinity swimming pool. A staircase leads to a separate guest house tucked under the large terrace.